Britney still sucks at acting



Britney Spears was on How I Met Your Mother last night and AOL has an article about how she "stuns critics" and CNN says she's "still a performer."

Are they kidding? First off, Spears couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. She may have acted sane last night, but that doesn't mean she was any good at acting.

Secondly, she didn't have that difficult of a part, and she's been "acting" like she can sing for years.

Apparently, Henry Rollins recently "outed" the secret behind her hit songs.

She shouldn't get credit for acting normal. She needs to get off her drugged-up, lazy ass and be a freakin' mom to her two kids. She needs to stop walking around without panties, sleeping with papparazzi or whoever else has a pulse and is standing near her, and act like she has a brain.

You know why she shaved her head? Not cause she's nuts, but because Kevin Federline threatened to have it tested for drugs.

Stop focusing on Spears — if it weren't for lip synching, she'd be famous for the same reason as Paris Hilton — nothing.

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