American Idol - Top 11



Last night, the Top 11 contestants on America's largest karaoke contest performed more songs by The Beatles.

Here's my contestant-by-contestant thoughts on what went down:

Cruella DeVille — I have no idea how she's made it this far. Vote For The Worst has picked her as the contestant in most need of help. She was off key for most of the song, and looks like she'd kick your ass for saying that. The judges like her... sure, that makes sense.

Kristy Lee Cook — This year's country singer was good last week, but this week she did her best to try and punch her ticket home. I think my ears are bleeding...

Boy Wonder — He redeemed himself for forgetting the words last week, but he really should have been sent home just for that blunder. Had the attitude of "I'm wearing a jeans and t-shirt, but the jacket says I'm here to perform, not play PS3."

The Aussie Invasion — Where does this guy's accent go when he sings? The double-fisted mic grab makes him look like a Jim Morrison wannabe.

Brooke White — She was trying much too hard to look comfortable. At least she agreed that she was outside of her comfort zone. I'd say she's this year's sleeper to win it.

The Mayor of Creepy Town — This guy scares the bejeesus out of me. There's something creepy in the looks he gives the camera. Oh, and by the way, you're not Peter Frampton, so step back from the TalkBox!

The Plant — So, was she planted by record execs? Probably. "Stare at my tattoo instead of my evil-looking eyebrows." She had a record contract and went nowhere, so now, I'd say she's a cheater. She should take her accent and go home.

Jason Marley — He sounds as bad as his shirt looks. He should be doing reggae versions of every song he sings. I get a contact high just watching.

Syesha Mercado — "If I straighten my hair, people won't remember that I was in the bottom three last week."

Chikezie — Harmonica? Country? Who is this, Cowboy Troy? I hear Paula whoopin' it up again, she must be drunk...

Ramiele Malubay — Wow, she's really making it difficult to pick who is the worst this week. It's just bad. I bet she doesn't even know who The Beatles are. I want to punch my TV. Make it stop!!

Ready for the boot: Amanda Overmyer, Kristy Lee Cook, Remiele Malubay

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