Live Review: Puddle of Mudd



Review by Chey Scott

Puddle of Mudd w/ Neurosonic, Tyler Read

Tremont Music Hall

March 2, 2008

The Deal: Tyler Read and Neurosonic joined the notorious Puddle of Mudd for a Sunday night show.

The Good: Tyler Read opened the show and proved they are an up-and-coming band you should know. In proper country-boy attire, front-man Josh Johnson grabbed the crowd’s attention by echoing back and forth like The Hives while the group exposed a backbone made of Korn. Puddle of Mudd made it look easy. Tremont turned into the “Smells like Teen Spirit” music video when Wes Scantlin effortlessly performed Nirvana’s “Immodium." The audience graciously returned each word of every POM tune. The 2002 favorite, “Blurry,” capped the night off.

The Bad: Canadian band Neurosonic is promising indeed, but some minor adjustments would have improved their sound. Their industrial flavor did not always hold up to Jason Darr’s strong vocals. I must have been the only one who did not take Puddle of Mudd’s thanks and well wishes literally; as everyone began walking out, I was left wanting more... an encore maybe? Scantlin made up for it by sticking around to pose for pictures and sign anything the Mudd-junkies handed him.

The Verdict: Tyler Read kicked off the night with a high-energy show, but Neurosonic slightly lost the crowd’s attention. Puddle of Mudd’s performance, and personal attention after the show, left the crowd ultimately satisfied.

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