American Idol - Men's Top 12



Did you watch "American Idol" last night? I sat there and watched as guy after guy stood up, sang a boring song and walked away.

Normally, I'd go singer by singer and make comments on what I thought, but, off the top of your head, can you really remember one of the performances without thinking of a name or face?

I can remember that horrible version of Elvis Presley, a weak version of The Doors and a guy being called "Jacuzzi."

In the past, you'd watch and think, "They could easily win." This year, not so much.

Hopefully the women will show some kind of talent tonight (after all, a few have had record contracts.)

They really just need to cut out the horrible themes. Who cares if one of today's pop stars can sing a tune from the '60s or a country song? Can anyone remember one song that Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood sang during their Idol days?

It should be about talent and not karaoke. If only there was a Sanjaya to make it more fun.

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