2008 Grammys



So, what'd you think of the Grammys? Glad I'm not the only one who's tired of Kanye West's attitude. I thought Vince Gill and Usher were hilarious when they gave him a hard time.

So, here are my thoughts on last night's show:

- Alicia Keys kicked if off with a duet with a taped Frank Sinatra performance. I thought it was well done and a good start for the 50th Anniversary edition.

- Carrie Underwood's up next - is that Stomp performing with her? Wow, her outfits get smaller every year. What happened to the rest of it?

- Looks like this may be the night of skimpy outfits...Keys is definitely showing off a lot of skin, too, as she accepts the Best R&B award.

- Beastie Boys won a Grammy for the instrumental album...Willie Nelson won for a collaboration with Ray Price.

- The Time Reunion - Rihanna's dressed up like a peacock.

- I can't understand half of the lyrics being sung tonight. Is it bad sound or do people just not enunciate the words anymore?

- Tom Hanks? What's he doing here?

- The Band is given a lifetime achievement award. I wish Levon Helm would have at least performed, if not the whole Band.

- The Beatles honored with some unique performances. The version of "Let it Be" from "Across the Universe was outstanding!

- Best New Artist - Amy Winehouse. I saw that one coming...

- Jason Bateman? At least he's adding some humor. "John Paul Jones was in Led Zepplin...for the morons."

- Kanye West with Daft Punk. I wasn't impressed. I still don't see why people say he's so amazing. He tried to sing and sounded horrible. Stick to rapping...

- Fergie and John Legend - Fergie's vocals surprised me. Song turned out great.

- Love won for best compilation or soundtrack album. Haven't heard it...

- Cher? Wow, she looks plastic.

- Beyonce - um, nice outfit. Yikes! Tina looking good, but the intro was a killer...way too long.

- Song of the Year - Rehab

- Foo Fighters sounded good, but the sound was kind of muted. I liked the orchestra accompaniment.

- George Lopez?

- Brad Paisley - nice to have some more humor on the show.

- Best Rap Album - Kanye. Ugh. Sorry, but he's just annoying. He had "MAMA" shaved in his head, which was a nice tribute though...

- Cab Calloway gets a lifetime achievement award.

- Aretha Franklin and others... thought it was a good performance, but went on for a little too long.

- Earl Scruggs lifetime award...

- Feist performed a stripped-down version of "1234" Kinda mellow. I would have liked a bigger, blow-out performance like the video.

- Keely Smith and Kid Rock - who told him he could sing?

- Best Rock Album - Foo Fighters. Nicely done - I didn't expect it.

- Alicia Keys performs...again? John Mayer comes out to kick it up a bit - great performance.

- Best Country Album - Vince Gill. Loved that he made fun of Kanye. "I just got an award from a Beatle - have you done that yet Kanye?" hahaha

- Herbie Hancock performs...not bad.

- Rap collaboration - Jay Z and Rihanna. Who didn't see that one coming? Was Jay Z on that song? I liked how he messed with her acceptance speech.

- Amy Winehouse sounded great live, but still looks a bit out of it.

- Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban - hell of a performance. Impressive vocals and harmonys. Lip-synchers should take note.

- John Fogerty, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. Good performance, but I thought Jerry Lee was looking a little rough.

- Professor (?) Will.i.am - he can't sing either.

- Album of the year - Herbie Hancock. WOW!! I never saw that one coming...

Overall, it was a good awards show. I thought they could have mixed up the performances a little more. They were in the right direction, but just didn't blow me away. I also think they should give away more awards instead of running them across the bottom of the screen.

For a complete list of winners, go here.

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