Live Review: Deepfield, Drowning Pool, Saliva



Live Review by Chey Scott

Deepfield, Drowning Pool, Saliva

Amos’ Southend

Feb. 6, 2008

The Deal: Metal bands deal three hours of full-on, head-banging hard rock.

The Good: From the moment that Drowning Pool took the stage, it was go time. The pint-sized front man Ryan McCombs unleashed a kicking, screaming demon while the crowd raised their fists to old tunes like “Sinner,” and the new hit “Enemy.” Their cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell,” even had the most conservative attendees throwing their metal horns into the air. Mosh pits roared for the most intense moments of their final song, “Bodies.” Headliner Saliva took more of a theatrical approach to the stage with a Van Halen-esque attitude, wearing red and black stripes and a skeleton vest. They played songs from every album, while the entire floor favored the old-school “Click, Click, Boom.” They returned to the stage after crowd demand and capped the night off with “Ladies and Gentleman,” one of 2007’s most popular theme songs.

The Bad: Opening band Deepfield, fouled their own act when they covered En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go,” by telling the audience they should be ashamed of themselves for knowing the words. Their performance wasn’t half bad. Problem is, that was the only song they played that the whole crowd knew. The girls ate it up and the dudes weren’t really sure what to do.

The verdict: The unpretentious Drowning Pool took this show by the horns.

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