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Stratocaster 1:3 Scale Guitar Replica


The Deal: Limited edition die cast Fender guitar replicas. (12” x 4” x .75”.)

The Good: GMP’s Stratocaster guitar replica fits on your desk without mashing up all your CDs, wrinkling up your sheet music or knocking over that stack of napkins with 30 years of song lyrics you’ve yet to get around to. It’s a collectable you’ll appreciate even if you’re not a musician. The detail is so good that it’s more of a cool toy than a mere display item. Everything but the sound works on this baby: the volume control knobs turn, the position switch moves and the whammy bar swivels as well. Although you can’t actually get a tune out of it, and it does a get a bit cramped on the fretboard for an average set of fingers, you can get the feel of its bigger relative by lightly strumming the strings. It’s enough to make you want to take lessons and get out on stage with the real thing. Meanwhile you can practice your moves in the privacy of your own home, pretending you’re Buddy Holly or Hendrix or Clapton till you get that rock god stance down. The Strat comes in red, black and sunburst colors. A Tele is also available.

The Bad: A bit steep at list price of $79.99 but is offering it for $49.95.

The Verdict: One of the nicest replicas on the market. Built to last and look good all the while.

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