Live Review: Tori Amos



Tori Amos w/ Yoav

Ovens Auditorium

Nov. 13, 2007


The Deal: Piano songstress plays two-hour set to packed auditorium.

The Good: Slightly eccentric, but a great performer, Amos entertained the crowd for just over two hours. Highlights included "Crucify," "Fairytale," "Cornflake Girl" and an unexpected short cover of James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind." She started the show off as Clyde, donning a brown wig, boots and short dress.

After six songs, she left the stage to return as Tori -- in purple sequined jumpsuit and bright red hair. Throughout the show, Amos straddled the seat and hammered away on the piano -- at times playing the piano in front and keyboard behind her. She also performed two solo - just her and the piano. The new material fit right in with the old. Definitely a performance worth picking up through her "Legs & Boots" live releases on her site - if it becomes available.


The Bad: Not sure what happened, but in the middle of "Big Wheel," Tori called her bouncer out, stopped playing and yelled at someone, saying, "Get the f*&^ out of my show!" And, not that it was a bad thing, but for all the hype about a different kind of show, use of a "character" from the album ... it was the same Tori with a slightly fuller sound. I couldn't tell the difference from past shows.

The Verdict: Full sound, strong voice, great show.



ACT I (Clyde)

Bouncing off Clouds

Little Earthquakes



Beauty of Speed

Roosterspur Bridge

Professional Widow

ACT II (Tori)

Big Wheel



Cornflake Girl

Carolina in My Mind

Your Cloud


Marianne (solo)

Famous Blue Raincoat (solo)



Code Red

1st Encore

Precious Things

Tear in Your Hand

2nd Encore

Hey Jupiter

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