Local news and notes



Here are some tidbits I picked up on the grapevine:

- Charlotte metal band And Since Forgotten has announced their new vocalist - Chris Davis from Die As One.

- Such As Life is seeking a bass player.

- Bayou Butch Lucas will release a CD in mid-October.

- III have welcomed a new bass player, Liz Burns.

- Arms over Avon is releasing their debut CD on Sept. 29 at Avondale. The show starts at 7 p.m. with Sugar Glyder, The Robbins, AUC and Bombshell.

- Weedeater Deluxe, who said they'll challenge any band to 30 minutes vs. 30 minutes, has finished up their vocals for an upcoming holiday release. Kurt Storey (Victor Wooten/Bela Fleck) is mixing in Nashville.

- Mike Genett of Withstand is a busy man. While Withstand released their third disc this summer, he's got plenty of side projects going on. He's working out of Mooresville with a modern Southern rock band called Jack the Tripper -- they're still looking for a drummer. He's also working with Withstand drummer Mike Pressley on a project they're calling The New Myth, which should have a CD out in the not too distant future. If that's not enough, he's doing a concept album with Ben Horton (Nvain/Meth Sessions/PMK) called Southern Voodoo Syndicate.

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