Top Affordable Winter Destinations for Your Average Joe



According to official statistics, less than 20% of people take time off during the winter holidays and even fewer afford to leave their city for a tourist destination. However, traveling shouldn’t be expensive if done right.

Why spend your year-worth-budget on a week in Vegas that you’ll hardly remember when you can invest the money smartly and come back with memories to last you a lifetime? Check out these incredibly affordable destinations and start packing your bags. 

Port Isabel, Texas

This city is as close as you can get to a Mexican vacation without having to worry about passports or leaving the country. Port Isabel is located north of the US-Mexican border and provides the best of both worlds. The place combines classic beach activities with historical attractions, so there is plenty to visit for a few days. 

You can get to sip your Corona on the beach, supervising your children while building sandcastles or swimming in the turquoise waters of the Mexican Gulf without a care in the world. In the afternoon, you can choose to visit one of the many tourist attractions or continue your Mexican party with some good old tacos and tequila shots. 

This little paradise was voted as “the most beautiful place to visit in Texas” by Culture Trip but remains extremely affordable. And, most importantly, it’s warm all-year-long, so don’t forget to bring your sombrero and sunscreen. 

Mesa, Arizona

Arizona has plenty of tourist attractions, especially around the areas of Phoenix and Tempe but if you’re looking for a quieter place to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Mesa is a destination worth considering. 

There are over 50 public parks to visit, four large museums, and an event center with plenty of holiday parties and Christmas carols concerts, so you won’t get bored. For around $900 you can rent a beautiful two-bedroom home, complete with a pool, and a large patio to throw an old fashion American barbeque. 

Tallahassee, Florida

Only a few hours away from the hype of Orlando and Miami, Tallahassee is a more affordable destination with plenty of beach-like activities to indulge in with the entire family. The beautiful Florida weather will keep you warm throughout the year as you enjoy a day at the beach swimming in the warm waters of Gulf Mexico or visiting one of the city’s museums. 

The place is also famous for its delicious oysters, served at local diners and fancy restaurants alike. You can get to spend a beautiful day wandering in one of the many national reserves, filled with birds, insects, animals, and even gators. 

Kansas City, Missouri

If you would like to experience a true Midwest winter, you can head to Kansas City. The place is usually crowded during the holidays but there are plenty of things to see in your inexpensive city getaway. 

Most of the time, you’ll find enough snow for Canada like winters, with plenty of specific activities such as ice skating and ice sculpting. The Christmas lights are on from the beginning of December and you’ll get plenty of Christmas markets to shop for souvenirs and homemade goodies. 

There are also a few interesting museums and art galleries that offer free admission while the prices in pubs and restaurants are reasonable in comparison to other big cities in the Midwest. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

The city is famous for its Mardi Gras festival in March-April but other than that, it remains a popular yet affordable destination. We don’t recommend that you go to Louisiana in the summertime as the high humidity combined with temperatures over 100 degrees will make you feel like in an oven. 

The average temperatures in January are 63 degrees, perfect for a stroll over the French Quarter without breaking a sweat. Take the city’s tram for free and enjoy a ride alongside the Mississippi River or sip a delicious cup of coffee at the prestigious Cafe du Monde downtown. 

Pahoa, Hawaii

Hawaii is the main destination for luxurious honeymoons but it also provides plenty of opportunities for tourists on a budget. Pahoa offers everything you want in a Hawaiian vacation, without the overpriced touristy stuff. 

You’ll still get to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful beaches, hiking in the rainforest or snorkeling with tropical fish in secluded locations. And, what’s best, you’ll even get 3-star hotels that offer nightly rates as low as $80.

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