Charlotte 'Hamilton' Sales Go Awry After Bot Interference


"I'm past patienly waitin'," -Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton in 'Hamilton' (Photo by Steve Jurvetson)
  • "I'm past patienly waitin'," -Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton in 'Hamilton' (Photo by Steve Jurvetson)

As thousands of people showed up to the Blumenthal Arts box office in uptown Charlotte this morning for a chance at the highly sought after tickets to the Hamilton musical's long-awaited arrival at Belk Theater in Charlotte, many more were stopped in their tracks online, as a technical issue crashed all internet sales for more than two hours.

Not content with interfering with our elections, it appears bots were to blame with trying to influence the sale of Hamilton tickets in Charlotte, according to the Blumenthal Performing Arts Twitter feed. At around 8:30 a.m., a half an hour after tickets were supposed to go on sale, Blumenthal tweeted an aplogy for the delay, stating, "[Sales] will begin as soon as a technical problem is resolved."

An hour later, another tweet was more specific, reading, "We have learned the technical issue is related to bot prevention software that detected more than 8,000 bots trying to influence the official on sale around 6am."

Then at 10:19 a.m., the tweet everyone had been pulling their hair out in anticipation for finally came.

There's still no word on whether Blumenthal will hold a separate show specifically for bots, since there is such a high demand, apparently. Here's to hoping you all kept your space in the internet line. When we just tried, we were number 87,300 in line when we just tried for shits and giggles. Something tells us we won't be getting in.

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