Listen Up: John Tosco and Louis Beeler Put On a Show on 'Local Vibes'

Episode 28

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In the lead-up to the year's first Tosco Music Party, Ryan and mark brought in the event's creator, John Tosco, as well as Louis Beeler, founder of the popular Tiny Stage Concerts.

[CONTEST] We're giving away two tickets to Saturday's Tosco Music Party at Knight Theater. Just answer the following question: Vadim Kolpakov will be performing his brand of Russian Gypsy music on a seven-string guitar on Saturday. What American music icon has Kolpakov toured with in the past?

John Tosco answers the question in the podcast, so give it a listen and when you have the answer, email it to us at [email protected]

We talked to the duo about how each have grown their respective concerts from humble beginnings to renowned musical events. We also discuss what it was like for John to see his kids hit it big with Justincase, and talk beer with Beeler, who brews on the side.

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[From left] Louis Beeler, Ryan Pitkin, John Tosco and Mark Kemp.
  • [From left] Louis Beeler, Ryan Pitkin, John Tosco and Mark Kemp.

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