Anthony Hamilton and the Hamiltones do a "Grab Your P***y" ditty


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  • Photo by LeAnn Mueller
  • Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton and his group The Hamiltones have responded to the release of tapes that caught Donald Trump's candid 2005 comments admitting to sexual assault — in which he brags to Billy Bush about his penchant to just "Grab [women] by the pussy" and they let him do it because he's a star — with an impromptu music video shoot from the group's tour bus. 

The video comes in at just under a minute long, and has already garnered more than 3,300,000 views on Facebook since being posted to Hamilton's page on Sunday. It's just enough to get the chorus stuck in your head, but we wouldn't recommend walking around the office singing it. 

Hamilton, who hails from Charlotte, and the guys appear outside the bus for a short PSA preceding the song, ensuring fans that they don't aim to degrade or offend women with the repetition of Trump's comments. They just want to bring awareness to the vulgarity of the phrase, it seems, in quite a beautiful way. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the short video.