Lunch Break (7/14/16): McCrory's signs in Union County, boasts on education record; Cooper responds | The CLog

Lunch Break (7/14/16): McCrory's signs in Union County, boasts on education record; Cooper responds



Further proof that McCrory is the kind of guy that basks in the smell of his own farts, the Governor travelled to Union County this morning to host a ‘campaign-style’ rally celebrating the signing of a budget that is part of what he has dubbed his “Carolina Comeback.” McCrory totes teacher pay rises as a major victory for the new budget, awkwardly neglecting that North Carolina teachers still face a $10,000 pay gap compared to the national average, and still feel the impact of other McCrory cuts in their classrooms.
Ford Porter, a spokesperson for McCrory's gubernatorial challenger Roy Cooper, released a statement this morning regarding McCrory's ill-informed campaigning. “Today’s press conference is vintage Pat McCrory: A campaign-style rally with a giant banner paid for with taxpayer money, touting a plan that makes big promises but doesn’t actually get the job done. This budget leaves North Carolina uncompetitive with neighboring states who are actively recruiting our best teachers out of state. Meanwhile, the governor has repeatedly refused to even meet with teachers who just want a real plan to improve our schools. This is exactly the kind of empty leadership we need to change in November," Porter said. 

Governor McCrory staffers put the kibosh on a ‘Garden Party Against Hate’ scheduled to take place at the Governor’s Mansion last night in Raleigh, alleging that the event had been scheduled under false pretenses. Hours prior to the cancellation, Progress NC had formally invited McCrory to attend the event and “have an honest conversation about how HB2 puts LGBT North Carolinians at risk, and is bad for the entire state.” McCrory’s administration said “nah thanks” and kicked the group out, citing the Air Horn Orchestra as proof that the event was really just a protest masquerading as a semi-formal garden party. Undeterred, organizers relocated the event to directly across the street from the mansion, where the orchestra usually performs on Wednesday evenings. 
The last-minute cancellation comes just weeks after the Governor’s Mansion hosted to an event organized by the anti-LGBT Jesse Helms Center. Responding to backlash from that event, a member of the McCrory administration stated that all non-profits are welcome to rent the facility. Progress North Carolina and Equality NC now say that’s clearly not the case. 
“Gov. McCrory’s staff explained how the Jesse Helms Center could rent the Executive Mansion by claiming all nonprofits could do the same,” Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress North Carolina, said in a press release. “That is now clearly shown to be false. Progress NC did not violate a rental contract. The Governor’s Office canceled our ‘Garden Party Against Hate’ because they don’t like the groups involved or the message they share. Period.” 

An 11-year old girl was struck and killed by a pickup truck while attempting to cross West Boulevard on Wednesday night. The girl and her sister were walking home from a store when they began to jaywalk across West Boulevard at around 5:40 p.m. Reports indicate that they had made it across the eastbound lanes to the center of the road. The 11-year old then began to cross the westbound lanes, stepping directly in front of the oncoming truck. The truck was unable to stop and struck the child. The child was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly after. Her sister was not involved or injured in the accident. The driver, Janelle Garcia, remained on the scene. Police determined that speed and alcohol were not factors in the accident, and reports confirm that the children were not using a crosswalk or intersection. No charges have been filed. 

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