Lunch Break (6/22/16): Break-in at Company Store caught on tape; danger in the waters



The recently opened Company Store in NoDa was targeted in a break-in overnight and the thief was caught on tape kicking the door in. According to co-owner Joey Hewell, the suspect made off with just a small bit of cash after kicking the door in and ripping open the cash drawer. "Luckily it was a Tuesday and we just had a small amount of cash on hand," Hewell said. Hewell posted a clip of the surveillance video in which the suspect, who partially covered his face, can clearly be seen attempting to get into the business with hopes someone will recognize him. Anyone with information is asked to contact the store at 980-859-0441. (Ryan Pitkin) 

Here's a better video of his face.

A video posted by NoDa Company Store (@nodacostore) on

Mecklenburg County commissioners approved a new compensation package last night that will increase their base pay — and that of all county workers — by three percent. Many teachers were on hand at the meeting to protest the pay raise, saying the money should go to education. Although the county does not pay teachers, some in attendance last night believed the money could be used to provide teachers with resources like internet and phone. (Colleen Harry, WBTV) 

An 18-year-old woman's death is being attributed to a brain-eating amoeba she is believed to have contracted during a recent visit to the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The amoeba, called Naegleria fowler, lives naturally in warm lakes during the summer months. It is not harmful if swallowed but can be fatal if forced up the nose. It is believed the victim contracted the amoeba when she and the group she was riding a raft with recently at the USNWC was flipped off of their raft. There are normally under 10 cases of infection caused by Naegleria fowler reported in the U.S. annually. (Fox46 Staff) 

A 42-year-old Delaware man is being treated after apparently being bitten by a shark while swimming off the shore of North Myrtle Beach. The man told officials he was floating on his back when he was bitten on the foot by a three- to five-foot shark. The man was treated for puncture wounds. (WSOC Staff) 

A mentally unstable man was shot and killed by a Cleveland County sheriff's deputy yesterday afternoon. The officer was on scene to assist EMS with a call in reference to a mentally unstable person when an altercation reportedly happened between the subject and the officer, during which the officer fired his weapon, killing the man. Deputy Scott Trammel was hospitalized with injuries to his head and arm but was released yesterday evening. (WCNC Staff) 

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