Lunch Break (1/27/16): West Charlotte driver hospitalized after crash with empty school bus



A driver was injured after rear-ending a school bus with no students aboard this morning in west Charlotte. The crash reportedly happened at around 5 a.m. on Freedom Drive near the I-85 interchange. It's unclear at this time what bus the school was servicing. The driver of the vehicle was reportedly transported to the hospital. (WBTV Web Staff) 

A broken water line in Newton has forced officials to cut off water service to the entire town, closing schools and the Catawba County courthouse. There are an estimated 6,000 water customers in Newton, who are now being asked to boil water or use bottled water while crews work to fix the line. The repair could take several hours. (WSOC Staff) 

Cleveland County law enforcement is currently investigating a homicide in Kings Mountain after an ongoing dispute between neighbors came to a head this morning. A man allegedly shot one of his neighbors, with whom he had been arguing over a right of way near their home, at around 7 a.m. this morning on Mann Court. The man was reportedly arguing with a couple, though it is unclear whether he shot the man or woman. The suspect is in custody but has not yet been charged. (WCNC Staff) 

At its meeting last night, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education approved a survey to be given to CMS parents and students, as well as Mecklenburg residents without children, in what it hopes to be the first step in developing a student assignment plant that will desegregate the school system and decrease the amount of schools with majority low-income students. The survey will go live on the CMS website on Friday and remain up for anyone to participate in until February 22. The survey will also be available in Spanish. (Fox46 Staff) 

One militant is dead and seven others are in custody in Oregon following a traffic stop on a highway near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge yesterday, which has been occupied by anti-government militants since Jan. 2. Robert "Lavoy" Finicum was reportedly killed by FBI agents as they tried to apprehend him and others involved with the standoff on a highway leaving town. Among those arrested was ringleader Ammon Bundy. His brother, Ryan Bundy, suffered a minor gunshot wound, according to officials. The FBI has since created roadblocks around the refuge and told the people inside that they're free to go, although most have stayed. (Robbie DiMesio, Oregonian) 

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