Lunch Break (9/22/15): Moynihan to keep dual job titles at BofA



Shareholders voted this morning to let Brian Moynihan remain both CEO and chairman of Bank of America, despite a 2009 vote that ruled to separate the roles. The new designation for Moynihan, decided on last November, has been criticized by a number of the bank's largest shareholders. 

Activists and members of Charlotte's Hispanic community are asking for a new Mexican restaurant in South End to remove two statues they say are racist against Mexicans. The statues in front of Hot Taco depict a Mexican man sleeping on a stoop wearing a sombrero. Those calling for the statues' removal say they perpetuate a stereotype of Mexicans being lazy.  

State lawmakers will vote today on a hybrid system of Medicaid that will include pieces of two proposals, one that wanted to give insurance companies control of a state-funded budget and another that would give more accountability to doctors and hospitals. Those in the medical community argue that the new system would do away with Community Care of North Carolina, which was proven to be saving money and improving patient treatment in a recent state audit. 

Today marks the last deadline for CMS students to have their vaccinations up to date or they won't be allowed back to class when students return following tomorrow's teacher workday on Thursday. Students can be exempt for religious reasons or medical reasons, but not because of their parents' beliefs regarding vaccinations in general. 

Charlotte City Council denied a request for rezoning by Goode Properties at a zoning meeting last night, blocking the developer's plans to build a 10-story building on Kings Drive in the Cherry neighborhood. Neighbors had protested the planned mixed-use development because of its height, density and size. Council members said the plan differed too much from the original plan. 

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