First Drip (9/15/15): Early voters set record in Charlotte primaries


Voters will (hopefully) hit the polls to vote in mayoral and other municipal primaries today, but a record number of Charlotteans got it out of the way early, according to county officials. Michael Dickerson, elections director of Mecklenburg County, said 9,407 early voting ballots were cast for this year's primary. That number is a more than 50-percent increase from the 6,254 ballots cast during early voting for the 2013 primaries. 

Five people were reportedly injured in a crash between what look to be work vehicles this morning on Mt. Holly Road. According to Medic, five people were transported to Carolinas Medical Center following the wreck, one of which had serious injuries. 

CMS has contacted 7,600 job applicants to inform them that their personal information was sent to a private contractor without the applicants' consent. CMS stated this morning that an unauthorized agreement between a CMS employee and a vendor led to the data breach, which included applicants' names, addresses and Social Security numbers. 

A judge has denied bail again to a former North Charleston police officer who killed an unarmed black man while on duty in April. Michael Slager is charged with killing Walter Scott during a traffic stop for a broken taillight. An order from Circuit Judge Clifton Newman on Monday afternoon stated that evidence presented to him suggesting that Slager is a flight risk was "persuasive." 

Two students in Houston have died following a school bus crash during which the bus went "airborne" off an overpass onto the road below, according to witnesses. One female student was reportedly pronounced dead on the scene, and another died later at the scene. The cause of the accident are still under investigation. 

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