First Drip (9/4/15): Another firm joins call to knock down Moynihan's new job title


Another large Bank of America shareholder has voiced opposition to the bank's decision to ratify its current board structure and name CEO Brian Moynihan as chairman. Proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis & Co. has joined two of the nation's largest pension firms in calling for shareholders to vote against the bank's decision in an upcoming shareholder's meeting. The meeting will take place in Charlotte on September 22. 

A CATS bus on I-77 southbound caught fire this morning during rush hour on Fort Mill. Two passengers and the driver were on the bus when a fire reportedly started in the back of the bus, near the engine. The fire mostly affected the exterior of the vehicle and nobody was injured, according to officials. 

A CMS teacher told police that an 11-year-old sixth-grader stole her car and trashed it, returning it with damage to the exterior and the interior and cigarette butts all over the floor. The teacher said the student stole her keys and walked through the parking lot hitting the key fob until he found her car. 

It's just that slow of a news day, folks. 

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