First Drip (9/3/15): Low-income schools among worst graded in the state


The state released its annual letter grades for schools throughout North Carolina and nearly a third received Ds or Fs, almost all of which being schools with a high percentage of low income students. Critics of these grades say a school's improvement, which counts for 20 percent of the grade, doesn't count for as much as it should. The grades are based largely on standardized test scores. 

Police made a gruesome discovery at a missing man's home last night, finding what are believed to be his remains under his east Charlotte home. Richard Allen Hable was reported missing in late August, but had not been seen alive by loved ones since May. Police do suspect foul play and were reportedly previously concerned with Hable's well being. 

A hard helicopter landing took the life of one Marine and injured nine others at Camp Lejeune last night. The nine injured soldiers were taken to three area hospitals. In a statement, Capt. Ryan Elizabeth Alvis said a CH-53E hard landing happened during a training exercise at around 9 p.m. The name of the Marine will reportedly not be released for 24 hours. 

According to a letter sent to the N.C. Commerce Department, Michael Waltrip Racing will be liquidating its assets and shutting down by April 2016, laying off more the 200 employees from its Cornelius headquarters in the process. The letter says the company will be laying employees off in stages between November 2015 and April 2016. 

A new video showing the shooting death of a Texas man by police shows the man standing away from officers and putting his hands up before the officers fire on him. Officers said Gilbert Flores was armed with a knife and that nonlethal force – Tasers and shields – had not worked. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office has said they are in possession of a second video that shows another angle of the shooting. 

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