First Drip (7/21/15): Charlotte Water asks for residents to cut down on usage


As drought indicators have gotten worse on the Catawba River basin, Charlotte Water has now asked customers to voluntarily cut down on water usage. Officials have said drought conditions in Charlotte are the worst they've been since December 2011. Charlotte Water is now asking customers to water lawns and gardens only on Tuesdays and Saturdays at night. They also asked people not to fill swimming pools and to turn off ornamental water features such as fountains.

Jury selection in the Randall Kerrick trial began yesterday, and the judge made multiple decisions regarding how the trial can be covered. Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin ruled that audio and video recordings will be allowed in the courtroom, but there can be no recording of any kind of the jurors. Two potential jurors were sent away yesterday, and none were chosen. 

Construction crews have halted construction of a parking deck on Brevard and 10th streets on the orders of Levine Properties, until the developer receives money promised by UNC Charlotte. Construction began in April, but Levine is now saying it hasn't received the $4.2 million in equity funding promised by the state to set aside 300 of the 1,335 parking spots for UNC Charlotte, which has a campus nearby. The firm will wrap a 264-unit apartment complex around the parking deck when it is complete. 

A police report from an accident involving one of Charlotte's new 48,000 pound streetcars says the driver "tried to stop the trolley but could not control it." The trolley reportedly rolled down a hill, out of control of the driver, for half a mile while westbound on Elizabeth Avenue before striking an SUV at the bottom, injuring two people. The city has said it will release more information about the accident today. 

Cornelius officials covered a local Confederate memorial with a tarp on Monday after it was vandalized overnight on Sunday. The town covered the offensive words that were reportedly written or spray-painted on the memorial while they decide who is responsible for cleaning it up. 

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