First Drip (7/2/15): No confirmed shooting at Navy Yard in D.C.



In a still developing story, officials have said they have not yet confirmed any shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. The Navy Yard was put on lockdown this morning after reports of an active shooter situation at the site where a man killed 12 people in September 2013. Latest police reports, however, state there were no shots fired, no injuries, no reports of a shooter and no victims found.

The N.C. Senate is expected to vote today on a bill that would make it easier for local governments to override protest petitions designed to fight off unwanted development. Currently, if enough property owners surrounding a site that is up for rezoning sign a petition against that rezoning, it can be stopped. Once filed, it would take a three-fourths majority vote from council to override the petition. The new bill knocks that down to a simple majority. The Senate will expectedly vote on it today and send it to the House, which already passed an earlier version of the bill. 

A man in Ocracoke became the seventh North Carolina shark attack victim in a month yesterday. Andrew Costello, 68, was attacked in waist-deep water 25 to 30 feet from shore, according to reports. He was bitten on his left lower torso and hip, lower left leg and both hands. On Tuesday evening, a 12-year-old boy also suffered a minor shark bite at Isle of Palms County Park, near Charleston. There have been nine attacks on the Carolina coasts in the last month. 

At least 5,000 people were ordered to evacuate their homes and workplaces this morning after a train derailment and fire in eastern Tennessee. No injuries were reported from the derailment, which happened around 11:50 p.m. Wednesday night. In a statement, CSX said the train car that derailed was carrying acrylonitrile, a hazardous material used in a variety of industrial processes including making plastics. The substance is flammable and is dangerous if inhaled, CSX said.

A Charlotte woman has spoken out about a deadly shooting in the Belmont neighborhood in northeast Charlotte, just next to the popular NoDa neighborhood. The woman was shot in the leg by her grandson following an argument on Tuesday morning. The victim had exited her vehicle after her grandson, Degarrian Coleman, pulled a gun and said he didn't recognize her, she said. Coleman had suffered from mental illness in the past. The victim, Patricia Crawford, said when she left the vehicle Coleman shot her in the leg and then began to approach her and continue shooting before he was shot and killed by a nearby resident who heard gunshots and came outside with his own gun. 


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