First Drip (6/9/15): Charlotte City Council approves budget


Charlotte City Council on Tuesday approved a budget that will hit the city's wealthier homeowners with higher fees, including a property tax increase and more stormwater fees. The budget includes a 2 percent property tax rate increase that is cancelled out for many homeowners by a cut in garbage collection fees. Overall, 73 percent of residents will pay less. The budget passed in a 7 to 4 vote. 

Franklin Graham recently posted a Facebook message announcing he would be pulling all the bank accounts associated with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association from Wells Fargo following an ad depicting a lesbian couple. He also urged his followers to boycott Wells Fargo and other companies that support the LGBT community. 

The North Carolina Education Lottery has announced that 10 Charlotte co-workers have won a $1 million Powerball prize. Charlie Rush, owner of Carpet Discount Warehouse in Charlotte, and nine of his employees contributed $12 a week to buy a ticket for each of the twice-weekly drawings over the past two years before winning last week. Each winner will be awarded $69,250 after taxes. 

The Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association is warning residents about a recent rash of coyote attacks on cats in the area. The North Carolina Wildlife Commission (NCWC) has said that they won't try to actively remove coyotes from a residential area unless they are harming people and a firearms ordinance prohibits people from shooting them in city limits. The NCWC also does not recommend trying to trap a coyote. 

A prominent Charlotte businessman is planning to unveil the first stage of his plan to pour millions of dollars into a campaign to urge the GOP to confront climate change as a legitimate issue. Politicohas reported that Jay Faison, founder and chairman of Charlotte-based Snap AV, is putting $75 million into a social media and advertising campaign to convince Republican leaders to take a more serious look at climate change and renewable energy. 

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