First Drip (5/21/15): MS-13 gang sweep, Peacock for mayor again, more



Yesterday, federal law enforcement officials charged 37 alleged MS-13 gang members with racketeering. Of the 37, 22 were also charged with murder, attempted murder, assault and other violent crimes. The sweep comes a few days after that big shootout in Waco, Texas, between rival gangs that left eight people dead and at least 18 injured.

Edwin Peacock still wants to be mayor. He's thrown his name in the hat for the next election. He's the guy who lost to Patrick Cannon. The Business Journal has a good survey of the mayoral race so far.

Clearly this guy needed a vacation. Yesterday at Charlotte-Douglas airport, a man decided to protest his flight to Jamaica being overbooked by stripping completely naked. Another traveler said he stood there in the buff for nearly 40 minutes before police came and took him away.

Pizza became the unknowing break in the case of four people, including a 10-year-old boy, who were killed in D.C. earlier this week. Police have issued an arrest warrant for a suspect based on DNA found on pizza crust.

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