First Drip (5/13/15): Amelie's expands, N.C. debates handgun bill, more



Amelie's is heading back to Uptown to an 11,000 square foot space in the Two Wells Fargo building. They hope to open by the end of the year. A good move, since bankers can afford the $2-plus macarons.

Some lawmakers are looking for other ways to deal with the congestion on I-77 besides tolls, but it may be too late. Charlotte Chamber president Bob Morgan says we should move forward with the project, even though no one has yet to explain the noncompete clause that was mysteriously inserted into the contract between NCDOT and I-77 Mobility Partners, the private company that would build the toll lanes.

The North Carolina House is debating guns today. House Bill 562 would make it easier to buy a handgun, as well as expand places people with concealed weapons permits could carry, among other things. Two gun control groups have targeted the bill and are running a TV ad campaign throughout the state.

An Amtrak train derailed in Philadelphia, killing at least six people last night. Officials say there were 243 passengers. One of them, Jeremy Wladis, said the derailed cars looked “like a pretzel.”

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