First Drip (5/8/15): Stephen Colbert is the man; Gaston District Attorney Locke Bell is not, more



Heads up. If you're Latino, undocumented and living in Gaston County, you're more likely to face discrimination from the district attorney if some terrible happens to you. The federal government instituted the U visa program to encourage immigrants to report crimes to the police. But District Attorney Locke Bell says he won't certify applications if the victim and assailant are both Latino. “It was never intended to protect Latinos from Latinos,” he told the Observer. “It was designed to protect them from high-crime areas.”

Duke Energy held its shareholder meeting yesterday. For a peek into what went down, check out Charlotte Business Journal's story. One fun highlight: A handful of undercover protesters busted out of their shirts and jackets and started chanting “Stop blocking rooftop solar" during Duke CEO Lynn Good's presentation.

A hearing date has been set for the N.C. Supreme Court to start hearing arguments about redistricting congressional maps. With the Aug. 31 date, the timeline to redraw the maps, if it gets that far, could be tight. Coincidence?

South Carolina native Stephen Colbert has won the hearts of educators in his home state. Yesterday, he announced he would fund every public school teacher's grant request on the education crowdfunding website, to the tune of $800,000.

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