First Drip (5/7/15): N.C. makes bank because we got less money back in tax refunds, more



Recent data from some Harvard researchers this week highlighted why Baltimore was so primed for protests and riots. It's harder for kids there born poor to move up the economic ladder. You know where else that's the case? Mecklenburg County.

Well, it looks like North Carolina will make bank this year and then some. In February, the state projected a shortfall of $2.7 million. Just kidding. Thanks to our lower tax refunds and having to pay more back, North Carolina is looking to bring in about $400 million more than they expected.

At least 39 tornadoes were reported in the central part of the country, including Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, yesterday. And we were complaining about all that rain last month.

If you hate the Patriots or just interested in Deflategate, here's some interesting reading.

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