First Drip (4/28/15): Baltimore protests, gay marriage in Supreme Court, more


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Shit got real in Baltimore when protests against police brutality turned violent. The funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray was held yesterday, who died after suffering a severed spine in police custody, and folks are angry. Maryland's governor has activated the National Guard, Baltimore's mayor has instituted a curfew, and some people said the scenes were reminiscent of the city's 1968 riots when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Hell, no, we don't want Tommy's to go. At least, that's what a little over a 100 Plaza Midwood residents are saying with a new petition online. (There's also a paper petition circulating.) A developer has submitted a rezoning request to build on the land Tommy's Pub and Backstage Vintage is located on.

The Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments for and against same-sex marriage today. Several North Carolina mayors have argued that the ban against gay marriage is oppressive.

Child, please. Officials are planning to take a look at the newest rollercoaster at Carowinds, Fury 325, after it has come to a complete stop with riders aboard a couple of times.


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