First Drip (4/22/15): Wells near coal ash ponds contaminated, Earth Day, more


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Let's just all say this together: coal ash is bad. Officials say the water found in many private wells located near Duke Energy's coal ash ponds isn't safe for drinking or cooking with. Maybe the contaminants occurred naturally, they said. The Observer reports: "Of 117 test results mailed to power plant neighbors in recent days, 87 exceeded groundwater standards, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said."

St. Jude's Children Hospital is setting up a clinic in Charlotte, thanks to a partnership with Novant Health.

The head of the Drug Enforcement Agency is retiring at the end of the month after getting blasted for not keeping her agents on a tighter collar in Colombia when they reportedly engaged in sex parties funded by drug cartels. With Michele M. Leonhart's departure, some are hoping President Obama will nominate someone who will push for marijuana legalization reform.

"How to Celebrate Earth Day with NASA."


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