First Drip (4/20/15): Freddie Gray's mysterious death, migrant boat capsizes, more



A Baltimore man who was arrested last week died yesterday. Freddie Gray was arrested in a neighborhood known for drug trafficking; police say he ran when they approached him. A video shows Gray being dragged, screaming in pain, and placed into a police fan. Gray's family lawyer says his spinal cord was severely injured, and that police are covering something up.

The mayors of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County's towns have put their foot down against the proposed bill that would change the way sales tax is distributed.

Local police are still investigating the mysterious death of a 24-year-old man who suffered from blunt force trauma.

A migrant boat carrying as many as 950 men, women and children capsized off the coast of Libya Saturday night on its way to Europe. "If the toll is confirmed, it would be the deadliest yet of a succession of tragedies involving desperate migrants, unscrupulous traffickers, inadequate fishing smacks and an even more inadequate EU response. Another 400 people drowned in the same waters last week. In the worst incident before Sunday, an estimated 500 people drowned off the coast of Malta last autumn."

In honor of 420, here's a story about 10 diseases that could be impacted by medical marijuana, including cancer, arthritis HIV/AIDS and more.

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