First Drip (4/16/15): Wayne County shooter has no remorse, more



President Obama was in town yesterday speaking on women's issues and the economy. But the unspoken presence in the room was Hillary Clinton.

Straight from the mouth of the shooter who killed an openly gay man on the campus of Wayne County Community College earlier this week: “I don’t take remorse for nothing. I did what I did and I got to live with it. If I get life (in prison), I get life," Kenneth Stancil told WRAL. "I’m a (expletive) murderer. What the (expletive) do I gotta care? I don't give a damn if I go back to society.” A self-described neo-Nazi, Stancil also told the media outlet that Ron Lane deserved to die because he made sexual advances toward his brother.

A House judiciary committee passed a proposal that would give driving privileges to undocumented immigrants, if they agree to a criminal background check and to be fingerprinted. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Harry Warren, says it's a bill about safety, not immigration.

Snorers, beware. A new study suggests sleep disorders like sleep apnea could quicken the onslaught of Alzheimer's and memory loss.

The last known male white northern rhino calls Kenya home — and he's got a 24-hour security detail.

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