First Drip (3/26/15): Meck County reaches 1 million, 1-year anniversary of Cannon's arrest, more



Mecklenburg County is busting at the seams: It's become the first county in the Carolinas to cross the 1 million threshold in population.

Today marks the one-year anniversary when then-mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested on federal corruption charges. Now-mayor Dan Coldfelter held a press conference yesterday to talk about how far the city has come since then, but some City Council members were being "sour grapes" about it. As reported by the Charlotte Business Journal: "Councilman Al Austin, a District 2 Democrat, said in an email sent Tuesday to Clodfelter, fellow council members and city staffers that he thought the press conference was 'a terrible idea. We are feeding into the media’s desire to market controversy and our past history. We should go on with our city business and focus on pressing issues at hand. We need to look forward not behind. Selah and Amen.'”

Gov. Pat McCrory has come out against the state Senate bill proposing a sales tax revenue redistribution, saying it would cause "great harm."

A sick, terrible, horrendous joke, perhaps? The California Attorney General isn't taking any chances. Yesterday, Kamala Harris asked a state court for permission to shoot down a proposed update to the penal code that would make same-gender sex punishable by “bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.” The proposed initiative, which would have appeared on the 2016 ballot had it gained any support, was filed by an Orange County attorney.

An update on the plane that crashed in the French Alps earlier this week: It appears the co-pilot intentionally crashed GermanWings Flight 9525.

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