First Drip (3/23/15): Immigration task force presents findings, Ted Cruz, more



A special immigration task force will unveil at tonight's City Council meeting a report of 27 strategies it thinks will make Charlotte a friendlier city for all immigrants. Among those recommendations is a municipal ID card.

The NCAA was in town this weekend for basketball. But the Ritz-Carlton did not add a service charge like it did for the CIAA. According to WBTV, they didn't because the NCAA tournament "has not drawn large crowds to the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte and has not required any expansion of our Lobby Lounge facilities or departure from the normal service provided by our staff."

Police will release details of their investigation of the alleged gang rape of a University of Virginia student today. The story was made public by Rolling Stone, which later apologized for discrepancies in its article. To save face, Rolling Stone asked Columbia University's graduate journalism school to review its editorial process; that review will be published next month.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the first to officially put his hat in the ring for the 2016 presidential election. Cruz was born in Canada and says he stands for true conservative values.

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