First Drip (3/19/15): New owner of old Penguin spot revealed, more



The NFL wants to see all of the evidence in former Panthers player Greg Hardy's domestic violence trial, and they've filed suit against the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's office to get it.

The Ritz-Carlton has issued another apology for what some critics have called the "black tax" the hotel instituted while the CIAA was in town for its annual basketball tournament. The statement offered that the 15-percent "service charge" was "distributed in full to the servers who worked the event."

Charlotte now knows who's bought the Penguin: littleSpoon's Alesha Sin Vanata.

By the presidential executive power invested in Obama, he now pronounces the federal government reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. "While the federal government is a relatively small contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the executive order is the president’s attempt to lead by example and push the private sector to change its behavior as a consequence."

Two terrorists hit a museum in Tunisia yesterday, killing 23 people, many of them foreign tourists.

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