First Drip (3/17/15): Affordable housing coming to Cherry, the naked man, more


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Affordable housing is coming to one of Charlotte's oldest black neighborhoods. With only one dissenter (Kenny Smith), City Council approved five rezoning petitions that will bring more than 60 housing units to Cherry, a neighborhood that's seeing single-family homes costing upwards of $600,000.

The battle for gay marriage continues in Alabama. One person's suffering doesn't outweigh the grief suffered by the masses, is essentially what U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade told a probate judge who requested a stay on issuing marriage licenses until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled later this year. Granade sounds like someone North Carolina legislators need to be paying attention to.

Some in north Charlotte are really upset at one of their neighbors, who just insists on standing in his front door naked. Police, however, can't do anything about it, as the man owns his property and is not technically breaking any laws.

In the match of the century (OK, not really), Evander Holyfield will face off against Mitt Romney. For real. It's for charity.

Organized hide-and-seek in Ikea — it's a thing. And the retailer is trying to crack down on it.


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