First Drip (3/12/15): Two Ferguson cops shot, more



Two police officers were shot during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri, last night. One was shot in the face, the other in the shoulder. The St. Louis County police chief is clear that he doesn't know who was behind the shooting.

The CIAA commissioner is considering whether or not to continue booking rooms at the Ritz-Carlton for the basketball tournament. Jacqie McWilliams told the Charlotte Business Journal she hopes to meet with hotel executives soon to get a better understanding of the service charge the hotel lobby was instituting this year. "For me, it's just making sure I have all the facts before I make any response about what I don't know," McWilliams said. "I've read a lot of the articles that have been out, whether it was racially motivated or whether it's just the CIAA. I'm trying to distance myself from that."

Guess which state passed anti-discrimination ordinance protections for its LGBT community, with the support of the Mormons? Utah. Except "religious organizations and their affiliates would be exempt from the bill's requirements."

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