First Drip (3/6/15): Toll road project a go, more



A judge has denied the preliminary injunction filed by the Widen I-77 group, which would have shut down the 26-mile toll roads project coming to I-77 completely.

As small-town as Charlotte feels sometimes, it's mind-blowing that recent U.S. Census data points to the Queen City being the second fastest growing city in the U.S. among the nation's 25 largest. Our lucky number is now 16 — as in, Charlotte is the 16th largest city in the country.

The main point the new state budget director wants you to leave with after perusing the proposed budget? “This is a budget that is conservative and disciplined,” Lee Roberts said. “It does not raise taxes. I’ll say that again: It does not raise taxes.”

In India, a mob of some 90,000 people broke into a jail and dragged out a man accused of rape and beat him. As they pushed Syed Farid Khan toward the area they'd designated to hang him, "Khan succumbed to his injuries half way to the lynching spot. But such was the anger that the protesters tied his limp body to a motorcycle and dragged it to the Clock Tower."

Han Solo/Indiana Jones can't be stopped. Yesterday, Harrison Ford suffered injuries in a plane crash but expected to make a full recovery.

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