First Drip (2/27/15): One of the Charlotte Three to be honored, #thedress, more



One of the "Charlotte Three," political activists who were arrested and convicted of burning down a stable, a case that marked the first time Amnesty International declared political imprisonment a thing in the U.S., will be honored on Saturday by the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Jim Grant, 78, will receive the Frank Porter Graham Award for his lifetime dedication to working on behalf of the disenfranchised.

The FCC approved stronger net neutrality rules yesterday, which will keep the Internet "fast and fair" for everyone. From the Washington Post: "The rules ban Internet providers from several specific activities: They can’t block or stop Web services such as Netflix. They can’t slow down or 'throttle' content from particular Web sites. And they can’t speed up a Web site’s traffic, particularly in exchange for money."

Yesterday, the Internet proved once again how it can be both unifying and divisive. First, #llamadrama, in which two llamas made a break for freedom in Arizona. And then there was the #thedress, in which the world argued over whether a dress posted online was either black and blue or gold and white. (For what it's worth, I saw it as white and gold first, and then later, black and blue.)

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