First Drip (2/17/15): Frozen comes to Charlotte, NCGA staffers get raise, more



In news you can find outside your window: The Charlotte area is iced over, just like a scene from Frozen. Between 3 p.m. yesterday and 6 a.m. this morning, WBTV reports "200 people were taken to the hospital. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say in the same time frame, they responded to 219 accident calls." See your favorite local news stations for more updates.

North Carolina legislative staffers who've previously worked for House speaker Tim Moore or his predecessor Thom Tillis got more than a 20-percent bump in their salaries. Is it what you know or who you know?

A federal judge temporarily blocked President Obama's executive action on immigration late Monday, the night before it was to take effect. "The decision from Judge Andrew Hanen, based in Brownsville [Texas], did not declare the executive action unconstitutional but said it should not take effect until the legal questions have been settled."

Yes, it's so cold outside. And it'll get colder later this week. But at least we can enjoy our hot chocolate. Scientists have discovered penguins can't use their taste buds to detect sweet, bitter or umami because of the cold.

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