First Drip (2/13/15): Concord doctor announces gender transition to patients, laptops for middle schoolers, more



A Concord doctor made the courageous decision to undergo a gender transition and tell his patients about it. Dr. Hal Levin will take some time off and return in late March as Dr. Laura Levin. Carolinas Healthcare System has come out in support of Levin.

See, CMS isn't that bad. Officials are planning to equip each of the district's middle schoolers with a laptop. That's about 30,000 computers to program the parental controls on.

Thanks, Obama. President Obama was featured in a cute Buzzfeed video to encourage people to sign up for health insurance. Conservatives hated it, of course. One woman called the move "tone deaf and in bad taste" because it was filmed the same day the U.S. learned ISIS had killed hostage Kayla Mueller.

CBS News had an interesting, Valentine's Day related piece on this morning. They tracked the journey of flowers from a farm in Bogota, Colombia, to Chapel Hill.

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