First Drip (2/11/15): N.C. has spent more than $100K trying to fight gay marriage, more


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North Carolina has wasted more than $100,000 in outside attorney costs trying to fight gay marriage.

Is the west side the next best side for development? That's what one developer thinks.

Three Muslim UNC Chapel Hill students were shot in the head and killed yesterday by a 46-year-old man. The motive's still unknown.

TV news is in the news: NBC's Brian Williams has been suspended for six months after he fudged some details in his recount of his time in Iraq. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart announced last night he will leave the show at the end of the year. And locally, WSOC is being criticized for the way it's reported on proposed ordinances: independent journalist, also QNotes' editor, says the station's reporting favors transphobia.


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