First Drip (1/29/15): Sponsorships down at NASCAR Hall of Fame, more



If you haven't gotten enough eye-rolling news about the NASCAR Hall of Fame: Sponsorships are down considerably. Fiscal year 2011 brought in $1.5 million. In the new fiscal year starting in July, projected revenue is only $110,000.

In his second State of the County address, Board of Commission Chair Trevor Fuller said he will urge the board not to increase the property tax. “People are going back to work," he said. "New construction is happening everywhere you look. Homes are being bought and small businesses are opening again.”

The law-making season has begun in Raleigh. Yesterday, Senate leader Phil Berger filed a bill that would exempt magistrates and register of deeds staffers from having to marry same-sex couples if their religious beliefs opposed them doing so. To address that pesky matter of discrimination, "recusals would prevent them from participating in all marriage-related duties."

Terrorist group Boko Haram has upgraded its online presence, possibly mirroring that of ISIS. The possibility of an extremist alliance stretching from west Africa to southeast Asia has U.S intelligence officers scrambling.

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