Google Fiber is coming — but not this year


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Surprise! (After all the buzz, you weren't really surprised, were you? For goodness' sake, the hashtag for today's announcement in Charlotte was #fiberiscoming.) Google Fiber is coming to Charlotte.

The best part? Google didn't ask for any subsidies or incentives to bring the high-speed internet to the city.

"It is the city's hard work that has brought Google to Charlotte," Kevin Lo, Google Fiber director of business operations, said in a Charlotte Business Journal article. "This is a major infrastructure build. ... What you get at the back end is a brand new fiber network that is world-class and will set the stage for the next 20 years."

Yippee! Oh, but wait. Construction won't start until next year and could take two years to complete. It'll take 6,000 miles of fiber-optic cable to cover the city.


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