First Drip (1/23/15): North Carolina's deadliest jobs, Japan misses ransom deadline, more


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Few stats can make unemployment sound preferable, but one is North Carolina's number of work-related deaths. In 2014 there were 44. The deadliest job in North Carolina? Construction, which last year accounted for 19. Manufacturing came in second with nine. Mecklenburg County led the state in fatalities. Many of the deaths occurred in the first 3 months on the job, some on the first day.

Groups that monitor police have found an unlikely ally in a band of Texans who openly carry guns, show up at police traffic stops, record the proceedings – including any confrontations with officers – and post the videos on social media.

Newly seated King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud named heirs and promised stability Friday, following the death of Saudi Arabia's 90-year-old monarch King Abdullah, who led his nation as a U.S. ally for almost 20 years.

The ransom deadline has passed for Japan to pay Islamic State militants $2 million to secure the release of two of their citizens, leaving the fate of the Japanese hostages in limbo.


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