CL's 10 most-visited stories in 2014



Farewell, 2014. As we carb up for tonight and consider all the chocolate we must throw out tomorrow, let's take one final look at the year that was, via the stories on our website.

(This list excludes the sex-y stuff. If you're interested, though, this story and this story got lots — and I mean lots — of traffic.)

1. Our big-ass list of New Year's Eve parties happening tonight in Charlotte.

2. Another big-ass list: We offered you 20 places to do brunch.

3. It's a few years old, but our compilation of the 20 greatest rock films ever made still gets lots of traffic.

4. This year's Neighborhood Guide offered 108 things to do in Charlotte before you die.

5. When Aziz Ansari came to town for the Funny or Die's Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, we offered seven reasons why he's hubby material.

6. This year's Best of Charlotte featured a wonderful drag queen. Oh, and all of the best people, places and things, according to our critics and readers.

7. Another overwhelming list of parties: CIAA edition.

8. An in-depth reported story on why the African-American cultural scene struggles to thrive in Charlotte.

9. A feature on the time capsule opening buried at Park Terrace Theater. A resounding "womp womp" was heard by all.

10. Finally, a blog post offering five facts about Guardians of the Galaxy’s post-credits surprise.

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