First Drip (12/22/14): New protections may be coming for LGBT residents, more



In case you didn't know: the City of Charlotte does not have any protections in place for LGBT residents who feel discriminated against in "places of public accommodation." That may change soon.

Police officers around the country are being warned to wear their bulletproof vests after two officers were killed "execution-style" in New York by a man who earlier in the day had shot his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore. Authorities say the 28-year-old gunman, who killed himself, had threatened to kill police in retaliation for Michael Brown and Eric Garner's deaths.

As Cuba inches closer to falling off the terror list, another country might be getting added soon. In response to the FBI's claim of evidence linking North Korea to the Sony hacks, President Obama is considering returning the country back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism after it was removed six years ago. Meanwhile, in a move that doesn't make the country look so great, North Korea is threatening retaliation over any punishment for the attacks.

If Cheerios' interracial family commercials just burned you up, you're probably going to be giving up Tylenol, too. The company is releasing a new set of advertisements updating the family-centric Normal Rockwell painting "Freedom From Want." "One spot focuses on a Jewish blended family that includes a lesbian couple with children, a Chinese-Japanese-American family and an African American family headed by a matriarch with an eyebrow piercing. Rockwell’s turkey is replaced by challah, a hotpot and cornish hens."

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