Pop up! Light Factory's Moment Mile project on view at Mint Museum Uptown



Remember The Light Factory's Moment Mile project? (If not, here's a recap: On Nov. 1, 138 local photographers gathered to participate in the photo shoot on a mile-long stretch of Tryon Street. More...)

Well, the prints - collected and compiled into one massive, 100-foot-long, panoramic-style shot - are going on view at a pop-up gallery at Mint Museum Uptown tomorrow. The gallery space, located in an empty spot on the fifth floor of the museum, will showcase the project through Feb. 22, 2015. Admission to the exhibit will be free during operating hours.

But if you have the time and money, dip into some of the museum's other exhibits while you're there. Two newbies include Kristina Rogers: Into the Labyrinth and Conversations: Romare Bearden and Richard Hunt. Rogers, a Light Factory artist known for crafting multi-layered photos, has donated prints to the Mint's collection and 25 will be on showcase in Into the Labyrinth. Meanwhile, Conversations focuses on the parallels between Bearden, a Charlotte-born artist who left a mark in the art world with his collages, and Hunt, renowned for sculptures. Both of these exhibits will be featured on the Mint's fourth floor. For more information, visit www.mintmuseum.org.

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