First Drip (11/13/14): Accused Ponzi mastermind in court, nurses strike on Ebola, more



Paul Burks, 67, of Lexington, a former nursing home magician and country music disc jockey, is accused of an online investment scheme that ran up hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for victims in Charlotte, across North Carolina and around the world. The alleged mastermind of what prosecutors are describing as one of the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history appears in federal court in Charlotte on Thursday to face an array of charges.

The future of the Affordable Care Act hinges on how the U.S. Supreme Court interprets four words. What makes insurance under the ACA affordable are the subsidies for policies bought by low- and middle-income people under an insurance exchange. The amount of the subsidy is based on the time insured “through an exchange established by the state.” That could make millions of customers, including those in North Carolina, ineligible for subsidies in states that have not set up their own exchanges, clearly not the intent of the law.

Nurses in the United States and around the world participated in a global day of action Wednesday, demanding better training and equipment to combat an Ebola epidemic that has resulted in more than 5,000 deaths. America’s largest nurses union, National Nurses United (NNU), estimated that 100,000 of its members would participate in strikes and vigils to highlight failures in the national response.

Young #AlexfromTarget reveals the dark side of his rise to Internet fame.

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