First Drip (10/24/14): Domestic violence costs big in N.C., the queen tweets, more



Along with affecting the lives of thousands of women every year, the health care and legal fees associated with domestic violence cost North Carolina $300 annually. Three women have been killed due to domestic violence this year in Mecklenburg County - one last week - and 53 have been killed in different parts of the state.

The Latin American Coalition got a nice shout out on NPR when Tell Me More host Michel Martin visited Charlotte and wrote about how the Latino population could have a huge impact on the race between Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis. "In that heated Senate race, according to a new North Carolina study from the National Council of La Raza Action Fund and Latino Decisions, 40 percent of Latinos polled support incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan, while 15 percent support Republican challenger Thom Tillis. That means 45 percent of Hispanic voters are undecided."

If anyone ever tells you Southerners have a flair for the dramatic, remind them of this story. After news broke that a doctor who had been working with Ebola patients returned to New York showing symptoms of the virus, the city started panicking. People are said to be wearing face masks on the subway, which Craig Spencer rode home from the airport. “'I’m concerned,' said Michele Wilson, a neighbor of the infected doctor, Craig Spencer, in Hamilton Heights. 'I’ve gotta check and make sure who I’ve been in contact with,' said Wilson, concerned that Spencer has been 'running around spewing disease.'”

God save the queen - and her Twitter account.

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