First Drip (10/23/14): Report shows counselors pushed fake classes at UNC, gunman opens fire in Canada's capitol, more


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An independent team of investigators led by a former federal prosecutor released a damning report yesterday that showed counselors at UNC Chapel Hill encouraged student athletes to take fake classes that required only a paper and zero attendance. Even more shocking: This went on for almost 20 years.

A gunman shot a guard of a war memorial in Ottawa, Canada's capitol, and opened fire minutes later in parliament. The city's mayor said there was only one shooter, and he is dead. "Investigators haven't provided any possible motives for the shooting. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper didn't provide details about the investigation in a televised address to the nation Wednesday night."

A second person this month tried to illegally gain access to the White House. Fortunately Secret Security dogs stopped the man just after he had scaled the fence. Dominic Adesanya, 23, was unarmed and taken to a hospital immediately.

Scientists have uncovered the fossils of what they believe would have been a pretty goofy-looking dinosaur.


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